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Home Selling Tips

Top 5 Home Selling Tips

Top 5 Home Selling Tips

Selling a home is all about teamwork. You will be working with your new fling/bestfriend, your Realtor. After reading and implementing the following Home Selling Tips, I guarantee that you will increase your chances of selling your home for the most money possible, as quick as possible, and having an overall stress free experience. Follow these steps to success, and you can thank me later!

Home Selling Tips #1: Hire Joe Gonzalez

Buyers-ebook-buttonThe first tip to Selling your home is to hire Joe Gonzalez! When you hire me, you will know that you will have a Realtor putting your interests first. You can trust in me to give you professional, reliable, and valuable guidance at every step in the selling process.

I am a full time Realtor, and is up to date on market trends in the Niagara Region. Once you have complete trust in me, you will begin the stress free process of selling your home. The combination of my experience and cutting edge marketing will result in maximum exposure for the sale of your home. From day one, until after the closing process, you can rely on me to solve every problem you encounter.

Home Selling Tips #2: Price Properly

The most important characteristic when selling a home is the price of the home. Over price your home, and your home will sit on the market while all the competing homes sell. Under price your home, and you could be costing yourself thousands of dollars. Price your home right, and you can control your fate!

When you work with me, I will interpret the market to determine a list price for your home. This process is a calculated process of analyzing tons of data. A properly priced home will maximize buyers viewing your home, increase your chances of having an offer, and maximize your chances of having competing offers. (Better known as a bidding war) This will maximize your finances as well you will have more leverage obtaining your desired closing date. Which is a vital component of selling and then buying a home.

Home Selling Tips #3: Don’t Over-Upgrade

We live in Niagara. We do not live in Toronto, Vancouver, or New York City. This is not HGTV. This is real life. I will not discourage you to not to maintain your home. Maintaining your home is not only having pride in what you own, but can also have preventative measures to the major components of your home.

However, do not spend 50k renovating your kitchen, and another 25k renovating your bathroom and now think your home is worth 150k more! Renovations and upgrades are fantastic to do to your home. However, remember: your tastes might not be the next buyers tastes. Spending a 20k on landscaping might not be your best home investment. Consult with me before upgrading to see what current buyers are looking for!

Home Selling Tips #4: Take the Home out of your House

I believe this is true, but not to the utmost extent as many others believe. Some “professionals” say to remove all personal belongings from your home while selling. No! Not unless you belong on the show Hoarders. You live in your home, and it is okay to have personal belongings in your home.

However, clutter is a big no no. Declutter your home. Organize your home. For personal belongings: limit the amount of stuff stuck to your fridge. Organize your closets. The 500 kids hand pantings on the walls, put them in a drawer for now. If your teenager smokes pot, don’t leave roaches on the dresser. Do you have pets? Take them with you until your home is sold! Your home should be all show business until it is sold!

Home Selling Tips #5: The First Impression is the Only Impression

Home Selling Tips
Stock up on cleaning supplies, when selling your home.

When potential buyers first walk in your home, the first thing that you want to hear is “Wow!” The easiest wow factor you can do is to clean your home. Really clean your home. Clean your home like you have never cleaned it before. I’m talking hands and knees, and scrubbing with toothbrushes. Buyers can tell when a seller takes pride in their home. A clean home, a really clean home sends the message that you care for your home.

A home that is spotless will raise less concerns with buyers than a dirty home. A dirty home raises concerns to buyers. “If they can’t clean their house for a showing, how else are they neglecting their home?” When you list your home, clean it to the nines, or hire someone that will. This will increase your chances of maximizing your earning potential!

Whats Next?

There you have it. Follow these 5 Home Selling Tips from Joe Gonzalez and you will make more money, sell your home faster, and do it all without any stress! Contact Joe Today, click here!

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