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Calabaza Sailing Cruises Barbados

Must See Monday Barbados Edition!

Surprise! Coming to you from sunny Barbados, the home of singer Rhianna, Joe is on vacation this week. Although his is on vacation with his family, Joe is never too busy to share his adventures with fans.

Today Joe and his shipmates joined Calabaza Sailing Cruises for a truly unforgettable adventure, relaxing onboard the spacious catamaran enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean sea. We all had the opportunity to swim and snorkel, get up close to the turtles and explore the reef and wreck. The experienced crew of the Calabaza really looked after us on this special trip and truly made it an adventure we will never forget.

Joe highly recommends Barbados as a vacation destination. From the beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters and friendly locals, Barbados will be a vacation spot not soon forgotten. If you see a trip to Barbados in your future, contact Calabaza Sailing Cruises Barbados and book your wonderful, once in a life time experience!

And The Gold Jacket Survives Another Adventure!

It’s hard to believe that the gold jacket is made of a cotton blend. Honestly, one would think it was made from a piece of titanium considering how well it’s held up. The gold jacket, now on vacation with Joe in sunny Barbados, is on another adventure. Snorkling with sea turtles in the Caribbean!

Will The Gold Jacket Survive A Swim With The Sea Turtles?

Joe learns a bit about sailing from the Calabaza II crew, as he raises the mast to full height. Not as easy as it looks for sure. Next the group snacks on fresh fruit, and fish cakes.

It’s getting hot and Joe broke out a sweat being a sailor, it’s time for a snorkel with the turtles. Sea turtles are majestic creatures that can live to be over a hundred years old! It is truly awe inspiring that they are so comfortable with people swimming so close to them.

Next, its back on board for wonderful buffet lunch. As you all know Joe loves to eat, so he samples everything including a specialty hot sauce only available in Barbados.

Joe takes the wheel and sails away into the sunset with his family. What an amazing day, with an amazing crew. Great new friends and fantastic food make for an unforgettable vacation. Thanks to all at Calabaza Sailing Cruises!

Next Time You Find Yourself In Beautiful Barbados, Look Up My New Friends Here!

You Know You Want To Be Featured On A Must See Monday!

Contact Joe here to have your business or event featured on a Must See Monday. Not only is it free exposure for you, it’s always a great time and fun for everyone!

Join us next week when Joe visits this surprise cool new location! Don’t miss it!

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