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The Bull BBQ Pit St Catharines

The Bull BBQ Pit St Catharines

At The Bull BBQ Pit St Catharines, located at 24 St.Paul Street, they love to eat almost as much as they love to cook. Which is a great match for Joe, because as you all know, Joe loves to eat. The food is simple, but full of flavour. The staff is friendly and so are the prices. Check out the hours and full menu HERE, so you can plan your finger licking, bib wearing, BBQ sauce slinging fun night out!

Try The Donald. Nothing Beats A Cheeto!

The Wing, The Donald, The Pillows And The Thief

At the suggestion of his brother, Joe decides to finally take a stab at a BBQ restaurant. Joe starts with chicken wings. Two dipping sauces accompany them. But wait until you see what Joe has next! The Donald at The Bull. Spicy ground beef, home made BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and topped with Cheetos, for a special crunch. Definitely a Joe sized sandwich for a Joe sized appetite. Next are some jalapeño pillows, not to be confused with jalapeño poppers.

Ernie, Joes’ brother, excuses himself for a moment. Bad call Ernie! Joe decides that Ernie’s Philly steak sandwich looks too good to pass up. It’s no wonder little brothers get such a bad rap, especially when they eat half of their big brothers dinner!

Lastly, as if he still had room to spare, Joe gets a raspberry chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Smooth and creamy with an Oreo cookie crust, it’s the perfect finish to a great meal. Well, one great meal, and half of someone else’s great meal.

You NEED To Try The Donald For Yourself! Here’s How To Get There!

What’s Up On Next Week’s Must See Monday

Can’t tell you! It’s a secret. You have to tune in next Monday to find out where Joe is going to be! Anticipate something super exciting though!

Are you interested in having you’re event featured on Must See Monday? Are you a fan that would like to make a suggestion of your favourite place to eat or thing to do? Don’t wait! CLICK HERE NOW! Let Joe know your suggestions and let him Make It Happening for YOU!

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