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Baton Pass Closing Real Estate Deals

What Is The Baton Pass When Closing Real Estate Deals?

An offer is accepted and the conditions have been removed. From the time offer is accepted and firm, to the time you move into your home, Joe refers to as ‘The Baton Pass’. This is the time where Joe hands off all pertinent information regarding the sale or purchase of your property to your attorney.  Interested in finding out why Joe is ‘THE RIGHT CHOICE’ for all your real estate needs? Click here and see why he should be YOUR choice!

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do For Me?

A real estate attorney is equipped to prepare and review documents, such as purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents and transfer documents. Real estate attorneys also often handle a closing on a purchase.

One of the most valuable services offered by real estate attorneys is due diligence. This means that your attorney will carefully examine all aspects of your potential real estate agreement.  In addition, attorneys ensure that the deal is sound, fair, and not misleading in any way.

The way due diligence plays out varies. It is based on whether you are the buyer or seller and the details of your property.  It can include things like inspecting the title and title insurance. Also, researching the history of the property and making sure there are no liens against it or unusual easements. Furthermore, they verify that there are no unpaid utility or property tax bills, and verifying the zoning.

How Does Having A Real Estate Attorney Protect Me?

Your real estate lawyer will be there for you through the entire real estate transaction, including closing. They will ensure your closing paperwork is in order. They verify that any final details or problems are dealt with, and the closing documentation is properly executed.

Finally, that the certified check and keys to the house are appropriately distributed. In the unlikely event that your real estate deal falls through at the last minute, your attorney will continue to represent you and your best interests. Most of all, they want to make sure you don’t lose unnecessary time or money.

Any Questions?

Click here to have Joe clarify why it’s important to have a good Real Estate Attorney.

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