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The Bootlegger Bistro & Bar

Must See Monday

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar @ Whisky Run

Joe is BACK at Whisky Run Golf Club but this time he is NOT golfing, he is there to enjoy the great food at The Bootlegger Bistro & Bar! They are known for golf but today Joe finds out they also serve incredible dishes. Learn more about The Bootlegger Bistro & Bar and the golf course Whisky Run!

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar COLD BEER!

Let’s face it, this is a golf course after all so they should have amazing selection of great drinks, and they deliver! The Bootlegger has tons of local beers on tap and in cans to enjoy in the restaurant or on the course!

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar

COLD Local Craft Beer!

Got Facebook? Check In @ The Bootlegger Bistro Bar and Get Free FRIES!

Something Joe has NEVER seen on Must See Monday before, but is glad he did! When you are at The Bootlegger all you have to do is CHECK IN on Facebook and receive a FREE order of FRESH cut french fries!

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar FREE French Fries

Check in on Facebook and get yourself some FREE Fries!

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar Apps!

Coming with friends? What better to share then a massive serving of Loaded Nachos!

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar Loaded Nachos

Loaded Nachos

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar Comfort Food!

Nothing beats comfort food, until Joe went to The Bootlegger! They have some incredible dishes on the menu that fuze great food into one! First up they bring Joe a pulled beef sandwich and a side order of their amazing fresh cut fries. Next up is something they just released, the Mozza Burger! Joe is the first one to try this amazing creation, he is shocked it too them this long to offer it, he is in LOVE! Last up is the classic grilled cheese with a spicy twist!

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar Comfort Dessert

Lucky for Joe The Bootlegger brings him out a beautiful refreshing drink for dessert. This is their signature Whisky Sour and Joe definitely has room for this beaut!

The Bootlegger Bistro Bar Whisky Sour

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