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Selling Real Estate Mindset

On this week’s episode of Fiduciary Friday Joe explains how to get into the right mindset when selling your home! Learn what it takes to get the most money for your property.

Get In The Right Mindset For Selling Real Estate

First, call Joe for representation.  It will be the best choice you can make with regards to selling your property.  He will be there through every step, ensuring that your best interests are protected.  Click here to find out why you should always use as real estate agent when selling.

Mindset Mistakes When Deciding To Sell Your Real Estate

A common mistake people make is over evaluating what their home is worth.  While your home may be special to you, perspective buyers see it as just another house.  Sentimental value does not equate to market value.  Buyers are looking at multiple properties, it doesn’t matter to them that your child was born in your house.  They are looking for the best value for their money.  If your property isn’t priced right, buyers will move on to the next property that is. Are you considering selling your home and want to make sure you are’t over evaluating? Send Joe a message on Facebook here.

How To Get Into The Right Mindset For Selling Real Estate

Think like a buyer!  While buyers do see all the nice things about your home, they also see all the ways they can make improvements.  If a buyer looks at your home and thinks it would cost a significant amount of money to get it to where they need it to be; a buyer may just move onto another property, which is better priced.  Buyers want value for their money.  If your home is not in the right price range, they will just move on.  Remember, yours is not the only house on the market.

Would you like a topic discussed on a Fiduciary Friday? Joe loves to answer fans questions.  Email him here to get the answers!

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The real estate market is constantly changing, Joe Gonzalez is ahead of the curve. Learn why Joe is the right choice for your real estate agent!

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