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Always Use A Real Estate Agent When Selling

In this weeks Fiduciary Friday, Joe discusses the reasons why it is beneficial and in YOUR best interest to always use a Real Estate Agent when selling, versus selling privately.  Thinking of saving yourself money by saving on commission?  Tune into the post to find out why that may not always be the case!

Risks of Not Using a Real Estate Agent When Selling

Do you really know what your home is worth? You may have an idea, but is that idea accurate?  Listing privately runs many risks. Some of these include not getting the value of what your home is worth and less exposure of your property.

Selling your home privately can often lead to costly mistakes.  Much more than what the commission would be on the sale of your home when an Agent represents you.  Ask yourself, is it really worth taking the risk when selling the largest purchase you have ever made?

Why You Should Always Use A Real Estate Agent When Selling

A Real Estate Agent has one job when representing you when you decide to sell your home.  It is to look out for YOU and YOUR best interests.  A Real Estate Agent will maximize your homes potential and get you the most value for your property based on the open market.

A Real Estate Agent will negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale and deal with any issues that may arise during the process.  An Agent takes the stress of selling your home away. They make it a much more pleasurable, trusting experience.  Not to mention, the personal commitment to excellence you will receive when Joe represents you, is second to none.

If you want more information on why you should always use a Real Estate Agent when selling, or information on selling your home, learn more here.

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