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Niagara Region Home Buyers Needs

In this week’s Fiduciary Friday Joe answers a user’s question: What Are Niagara Region Home Buyers Needs? Betsy Vandebeld asked if buyers are interested in self-sustaining and smart homes? Joe breaks down the top items which buyers are looking for. Learn what the current market trends are with Joe’s expert advice.

What is a Self-Sustaining or Smart Home?

A self-sustaining home may have it’s own water source such as a well or pond in which water can be used in the home and filtered for drinkability.  It may have it’s own heat source such as a wood burning stove.  Also, it may have its own power source, like solar panels.

A smart home may be tech-savvy.  A security system, automatic lights and a keyless entry are some of the things that might make a home ‘smart’.  Are these the things that buyers are looking for?

Home Buyers Needs- Budget

Buyers have a set amount in which they can spend.  Before looking at homes, it is suggested that buyers obtain a pre-approved mortgage, so they know what they can afford.  It is the most important information a buyer needs, when they decide to purchase a new home.

Home Buyers Needs- Location

Buyers usually have an idea where they want to live.  It may be a city within the Niagara Region, a certain neighbourhood, proximity to work; it could be in a specific school district.  Each buyer has their own specific preferences and reasons to want to live in a certain location.  Some buyers might be more flexible, while others won’t be.

Home Buyers Needs- Home Type

Buyers usually have a type of home they have in mind.  Family size could dictate the type of home a buyer is looking for.  Specifics such as number of bedrooms, square footage, garage, yard size and style of home; such as two story or bungalow; are all things that a buyer has in mind when looking for a new home.

So To Answer Betsy’s Question….

Generally, while self-sustaining and smart homes are absolutely wonderful to have, and a great addition to any listing, it’s not one of the top “Must Have’s” on a perspective home buyers list.


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