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905 Rentals

This week Joe finds himself at 905 Rentals having a blast on all the toys you can dream of. Will Joe survive riding the Jetovator, in addition, how will his Golden jacket hold up? Watch this week’s video to find out!

905 Rentals – Fun For Everyone

Located on Lakeshore Road in glorious Wainfleet, 905 Rentals is where thrill seakers go to get their kicks.  Owned and operated by Brian Grant, 905 Rentals offers a variety of fun activities for all ages.  905 Rentals rents ATVs, PWCs / Sea-Doos / Jet Skis, Hydro Flight Systems like the Flyboard, Jetovator, and Freedom Flyer.  As well as paddle sport equipment such as Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Canoes and more. Also available are guided ATV tours along the scenic Welland Canal.  Book a group outing, take the kids for a rip on the seadoo’s. Because most of all, who doesn’t love fun in the water? For information, pricing and all the fun toys they have available for rent, click here.

What’s He Going To Ride?

First off, Joe take a stab at the ATV’s.  An experienced pro already, Joe whips down winding trails, through water filled ditches and ends with a crazy burn out.  So much fun for the daredevil in Joe. Following that, he rides in the open waters of Port Maitland and gets just a bit wet on the sea-doo.

Must See Monday
Ride The Freedom Flyer At 905 Rentals!

As if that wasn’t exhilarating enough, Joe has a bit of a difficult time operating the Jetovator. Watching the seasoned vets demonstrate, believe it or not, it’s not as easy as it looks. Seems like it was pulled right out of the ‘Jetson’s’, The Jetovator uses high pressured air and water to propel you into the air.  And along the same lines as the Jetovator, Joe gives the Freedom Flyer and waterboard a try. Almost getting the hang of it and finally able to stay in the air, Joe spends less and less time in the water. What a great day.

How Did The Golden Jacket Hold Up?

Rather than taking it off, Joe sees if the Golden Jacket can stand up to the test. Through grass, mud, dirt and most of all, water, it’s easy to say that the yellow jacket took a beating today.  With a good dry-cleaning it will be as good as new.  As a result, it may need about a week to dry out.  Probably two.

For Location And Directions To 905 Rentals, Click Here

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Tune In Next Week

On next week’s Must See Monday, Joe finds himself in St. Catharines at Johnny Rocco’s Italian Grill. Joined by his family, they enjoy dinner in the private dinning area!  Which dish is everyone’s favourite? Watch and see which is liked most of all.  Tune in here.

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