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How to Build Your Own House

Do you want to live in a BRAND NEW custom house?

Three years ago my wife, Alright Robyn and I built our new home. We were fortunate enough to secure a piece of land in Wainfleet, Ontario and build a new home. We designed the home from scratch using house plans from online and brought them to an Architect to customize.

Once the home was designed, we self contracted and lined up all the contractors. We overseen the construction and we were a two person clean up crew!

For you to make this Happenings, you must first secure some land. This is not easy in this market in the Niagara Region. Real Estate inventory is low. Once you find the land you must find the money for the land, and then the money for the build.

Financing and timing are the two biggest variables in building a home.

Want to find out how much your home is worth and build you own home? Contact me and let’s make Happenings!
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