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Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Brokerage
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How I Dealt with 2020

This past year we have been stripped of a lot things in our lives. But there is something that we are still able to do!

I look over the numbers of how we have actually improved during a global pandemic.

Right Choice has grown by the numbers. Adding KevMurphyCA and Kacey Cook to the roster. Two great additions to the team!

ReALtv is a weekly Real Estate Reality piece of content where we give a look behind the curtain to see what it is like to work at and operate a Real Estate Brokerage.

What better year to take health seriously than the year we are being attacked by a virus!

Our most popular video is one that we shot spur of the moment and weren’t even planning!

I want to hear your favourite piece of content you seen here! 1 lucky person will be selected to win a Joe Gonzalez care package!

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The real estate market is constantly changing, Joe Gonzalez is ahead of the curve. Learn why Joe is the right choice for your real estate agent!

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