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Fiduciary Fridays: Selling Home Situations Do’s and Dont’s

Fiduciary Fridays: Selling Home Situations

This week, Fiduciary Fridays: Selling Home Situations.  I talk about how to handle the Do’s and Dont’s while your home is listed. Many times clients ask me what they should be doing while their home is on the market. This video explains the major points you need to be following while we are selling your home.  Are you interested in tips on selling your home?  Take a look at Joe’s Selling Real Estate page here.

Selling Home Situations- Dont’s

The following are some tips on the situation dont’s while your property is listed and on the market:

  • Answer questions about your home to strangers who inquire.  Giving information about your home to strangers can damage potential leads on your home . Consequently, it can sometimes result in the wrong information of your home being passed around.
  • Let strangers in your home to view your property.  First of all, it can be dangerous.  Furthermore, you may not be prepared to answer specific questions or be informed enough to properly answer questions about your property.
  • Discuss offers on your home, in addition, do not discuss offers you may have on a property.  You do not want a buyer knowing you have an offer on another home and are in a time crunch to sell.  This gives the buyer leverage to offer you less money for your home, or even ask you to waive certain conditions.
  • Announce the status of the buying or selling process of your property on Social Media.  Keep personal business personal.  Again, you don’t want any perspective buyer to have any sort of leverage over the sale of your home.  Doing so can result in a potential lower offer, and you losing money on your home.

Selling Home Situations- Do’s

Here are some important Do’s in selling home situations:

  • Strangers asking questions about your home that is for sale? Direct them to Joe.  He is available 24/7 to answer all your potential buyers questions accurately.  This avoids any miscommunication between you and any potential buyers and protects your best interests when selling.
  • Ask people to call Joe to book an appointment to view your home.  This safeguards you and your family from the potential dangers of allowing strangers into your home.
  • Direct all inquiries regarding any interest you may have on other properties or interest on your property to Joe.  He will ensure that you are getting the best purchase price for your home, and help eliminate buyer leverage when selling.
  • Direct potential buyers to Joe’s web page.  Here they can find the link you your home, ask any questions, and schedule a showing of your home.  Copy the link here and send it to people interested in your home.


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