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Fiduciary Fridays Pre Listing Improvements

Fiduciary Fridays Pre Listing Improvements

Fiduciary Fridays Pre Listing Improvements this week is all about what projects are worth your investment before you list your house. I always get asked by potential sellers if they should be upgrading certain parts of their homes.

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Fiduciary Fridays Pre Listing Improvements – New Roof

Just like any home improvement, this all depends. The first thing we need to consider is whether or not your home is in a purchase price for first time home buyers. If your house is in first time home buyers price range this is a improvement that can be very beneficial to you. When first time home buyers are looking at homes they want everything to be including with the purchase price. They, in most cases do not have extra funds to fix things after they have got their mortgage. So, having your roof redone is a great asset for these buyers.

Other major items which are great to have upgraded for first time home buyers are, furnace, air conditioning unit and windows. Yes these things are not exactly cheap, however a first time home buyer will appreciate these improvements.

Fiduciary Fridays Pre Listing Improvements – Painting

Depending on your current paint colors this answer also depends. If you have a room (or two) that are bright colors that you like? If yes, these are rooms that you need to consider toning down for listing your home. Just because you love them does not mean buyers viewing your home will. Pick neutral colors that are inviting and not attention grabbing during the time of listing. If you already have this, you should be good to go!

Fiduciary Fridays Pre Listing Improvements – Kitchen & Bath Remodel

People always think these are the things that sell homes, and while they are an important factor these are not always needed. One thing to consider is that when you remodel your kitchen and baths is what you like might not be what the next buyers like. The last thing we want to do is drop a large amount of money on these projects and not see the return.

Over improving your rooms is never a good idea, you must know the market value of the homes around you and upgrade accordingly if you choose this path. Want to find out what your current market looks like? Contact me today and let’s make it happening, click here!

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