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Wainfleet Farmers Market

This week Joe Gonzalez finds himself in his favorite place in the entire world, in Wainfleet Ontario at the Wainfleet Farmers Market! This Market is running each and every Wednesday at the Wainfleet branch of the Meridian Credit Union from 8am to Noon.

If you are like Joe and like to support local owned businesses, then you MUST head down to the Wainfleet Farmers Market and make it happenings! They have amazing fresh food from a bunch of great local farmers plus some unique crafts and things everyone can appreciate.

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Wainfleet Farmers Market Location


Wainfleet Farmers Market Vendors

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez

Paradise Acres Farm

By now you should know that Joe loves to eat, and he enjoys some delicious meats! Luckily he found the great Wainfleet Paradise Acres Farm which had super fresh locally raised meats! He gets to try out a sausage they had as samples and got himself some pork chops for the bbq later!

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez 2

Turaida Forest Garden Market

Another local Wainfleet farm that has tons of great fresh items for you to feed your family and something that Joe just could not help himself from eating. Edible flowers! That’s right, flowers you can EAT! And yes, Joe does not wait until he got home to dig in, he eats them right on camera!

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez 3

Forever Country Scents

Judy and Sherry make incredible soy based candles that smell absolutely delicious. Today Joe picked up a Pumpkin Spice candle and is ready for fall. If you are looking to support local and are in need of candles then Forever Country Scents is ready to help!

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez 4

Wood & Wool Crafts

If you are looking for a unique toy for you kids, yes one that does not require batteries then this is the place to get a great hand made toy by Ron. Jenny also has a great assortment of hand made wool items which are sure to keep you warm in the coming months!

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez 5

Alice Designs

Looking for some incredible hand made jewelry? Debbie makes some great pieces that can only be found at the Wainfleet Farmers Market (and of course her website) If you are like Joe and not into a ton of jewelry they make some interesting items which can make your life easier as well.

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez 6

Feeder Flower Farm

Looking for some fresh cut flowers grown locally here in Wainfleet? Next time you are thinking of bringing home some flowers to your significant other at the local big box store stop yourself and consider supporting a local business. They also have some great NON GMO items to help make your meals extra delicious!

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez 7

Overbeeke’s Homegrown Produce

When you are thinking about making your next PB&J make sure you stop by Overbeeke’s and get yourself some unique flavors of Jams, Joe got one he has never had before! They also have a whole bunch of fresh locally grown produce that will make your next meal as fresh as possible!

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez 8

Lowbanks Organic Farm

Nothing is better than local grown produce, well maybe organic locally grown produce! Joe grabs himself some amazing maple syrup and a couple of vegetables that he has never had before!

Wainfleet Farmers Market Joe Gonzalez 10

Wainfleet Fire and Emergency Services

Nothing screams local as much as the local fire department, these guys are working hard to make sure all residents of Wainfleet stay safe! One of the things you can do at home is to make sure you smoke detectors are in working order! Joe drives home that point with his new buddy Sparky!

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