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Pie in the Sky Farm and Bakery Wainfleet Ontario

Joe is back in his favorite place in the world visiting Pie in the Sky Farm and Bakery in Wainfleet Ontario! He has heard they make amazing, locally sourced baked goods plus have a apple orchard on site! He is ready to find out for himself what all the buzz is about! Want to learn more about Pie in the Sky Farm and Bakery, click here!

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Pie in the Sky Farm and Bakery Apple Cider & Apple Orchard

When you have a apple orchard your apple cider is a staple. Pie in the Sky has some amazing, fresh apple cider ready for you to pick up and enjoy. Joe is blown away at the fresh taste and goes back for multiple cups during the episode! Local grown apples are the core of Pie in the Sky and Joe is a huge fan of all types of apples and lucky for him they have a huge selection on hand for him to enjoy!

Pie in the Sky Farm and Bakery Baked Goods

Everything is made in house with love which Joe is able to taste right away. Joe starts with their Pecan caramel roll which he is advised to eat with his hands, not fork! The home made topping is mouth watering and Joe definitely enjoys it! Next up is an Apple crumble top mini pie which is the perfect people size to enjoy their pies, however Joe is pretty sure he would like the full size version better!

What is better than a tasty butter tart? A Wainfleet homemade butter tart with Ontario maple syrup of course! Joe comments that the pecans and maple syrup mix is perfect, not too sweet just right! Just as Joe was about to try their amazing Cherry pie, a local friend of Joe’s comes in and buys the whole thing! Joe is lucky that they are willing to share a slice so he can taste how amazing it is! The pie is made in house and the cherry’s are from Cherrylane in Vineland Ontario! Joe was thinking the cherry pie would have been sweeter, but he is surprised at the perfect balance it has!

Last but not least Joe gets to try some homemade shortbread, much like the rest of the treats they have Joe is blown away at the freshness of them. Joe comments, “thats way better than the stuff you buy in the store” which is starting to be a common theme at Pie in the Sky!

Pie in the Sky Farm and Bakery Location

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