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Wainfleet Restaurant

Must See Mondays Joe Gonzalez Wainfleet Restaurant

Joe loves Wainfleet and is joined by the Wainfleet Mayor today. They head to the Wainfleet Restaurant to have a delicious lunch. And if you think we’ve said Wainfleet a few times already, just watch the video!

Wainfleet Restaurant – Where Good Food In Wainfleet Is Happening

Located on Hwy #3 in Wainfleet, The Wainfleet Restaurant, conveniently attached to the Wainfleet Motel, serves up great food at an affordable price.  With a comfortable laid back atmosphere, The Wainfleet Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  From burgers to fish and pasta to fries, there’s something for just about everyone on the menu. Hot and delicious food and great service is well worth the drive to Wainfleet .  Check out the Wainfleet Restaurant menu and hours here for your next night out  with friends and family!

Must See Mondays
Try The Warm Goat Cheese Salad!

Who’s Having Lunch With Joe?

On todays instalment, Joe has lunch with none other than Mayor of Wainfleet April Jeffs!  Joe orders a warm goat cheese salad with some coconut shrimp and Mayor Jeffs has a Long Beach wrap with grilled veggies and fries with gravy.  Looks scrumptious and delicious.  What an honour it is for Joe to have lunch and talk with Wainfleet’s mayor.  We all know how proud Joe is to be a part of the Wainfleet community.

Was anyone counting? Check out the ticker at the bottom of the video.  Did we miss any? In conclusion, there really is “Nothing Sweeter than being a ‘Fleeter”.

Go To The Wainfleet Restaurant Today! Click The Map For Directions

Where’s Joe Heading Next Week?

Joe heads to Port Colborne to enjoy some good food and laughs with Must See Monday fans! Take a food trip around the world with The Smokin Buddha!

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