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DJ's Roadhouse Long Beach

DJ’s Roadhouse Long Beach

Joe heads to World Famous Sunny Long Beach for some fresh sea food at one of his favorite restaurants.

DJ’S Roadhouse Long Beach – A Wainfleet Staple

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The Clam Chowder Can Make Anyone Smile!

DJ’s Roadhouse Long Beach, located in Lowbanks, Wainfleet, on beautiful Lake Erie, has been a residents favourite for many years.  Boaters, beach goers, campers and cottagers flock to DJ’s all year round.  A Nautical themed family restaurant and known for their seafood, DJ’s Roadhouse is home to the freshest perch around.  In the summer, you can find live bands playing great tunes.  Always a great mix of people, young and old.  The service is impeccable and the food is even better.  Just check out their reviews here.  No one is ever disappointed.

What’s Joe Eating Today?

Joined by fiancee Robyn and friend Nichole, the group heads in.  A couple of drinks are always welcome on a hot summers day.  A Caesar is a great choice, as is the selection of beer.  Joe starts with a bowl of clam chowder.  It doesn’t even matter that it’s a scorcher outside.  The soup is so fantastic, no one cares.  Robyn enjoys a seafood pasta Alfredo.  Nichole gets the fish and shrimp combo with fresh cut fries.  Joe tries to crush the seafood platter.  The platter is so big, even Joe can’t finish it.  And we all know that Joe can pack it away.  Fresh fish, cold drinks and great company.  What a great way to spend a summer’s afternoon on Lake Erie.

Take A Visit To DJ’s Roadhouse. Click The Map For Directions

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