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The Broken Gavel Fenwick

Knowing the Niagara region real estate market isn’t enough for Joe Gonzalez, he also knows all the best places to eat and hang out. Follow along on his Must See Mondays on all the places he personally recommends, like the Broken Gavel Fenwick.

The Broken Gavel Fenwick – Giving Food Justice

The Broken Gavel Fenwick, located on Canboro Rd, in the middle of the Niagara Region, is a different type of place to eat. What’s so unique about this restaurant, is the menu. All the menu items are listed with a ‘Law’ theme.

Must See Monday
Joe Makes It Just In Time For Caesar Night!

The Broken Gavel believes that a great time is a mixture of a few necessary ingredients. Great food, close friends, lots of laughs and solid entertainment. That is why they make it a priority to always supply those ingredients.

They offer a different daily feature every single day. Their features are always irresistable, from gourmet lobster macaroni to homemade ground chuck burgers with unique and flavourful toppings, that are sure to have you craving more. They also have Prime Rib Sundays and a Weekend Brunch. For hours, location and menu click here.

The Verdict

Lucky for Joe, it’s Caesar day today at the Broken Gavel Fenwick. Joe orders some fresh deconstructed fish tacos. What comes to the table is everything you need to make your own fish taco. On a fresh soft taco shell, Joe spreads some tartar sauce, adds some tomato, lettuce and of course fish. A fantastic flavour and the Caesar only makes it taste that much better.

Click The Map For Directions To The Broken Gavel

What’s Up Next On Must See Monday’s

If you know Joe you already know where he is going for lunch!  If you don’t know Joe that well, then watch this video to see where he eats 70 percent of his lunches! Click here to watch now!

You would be a part of the Must See Monday Family!  Contact Joe here and find out why he is ‘The Right Choice’ to feature your business or event.

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The real estate market is constantly changing, Joe Gonzalez is ahead of the curve. Learn why Joe is the right choice for your real estate agent!

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