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Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery

Must See Monday

Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery Welland Ontario

Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery is a GREAT place to grab a bite to eat and cold beer! However you better bring your eating A game as they are not shy on portion size!

On this episode of Must See Monday Joe finds himself in Welland at Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery! They are known for having one of the BEST steak subs in Welland, if not the BEST! Joe is happy they have Old Vienna on draft, it’s his favorite craft beer! Wanna take a look at the entire Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery menu? Click here!

After wetting the whislte with some ice cold OV Joe is ready to dig in! First up is Spicy Cheezy Curly Fries! Joe is learning that the portions here at Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery are not SMALL!


Spicy Cheezy Curly Fries

Another massive, delicious creation from the Mommaz Fries menu is up next! Enter a massive plate of Poutine with Steak, mozzarella cheese and The Boyz Homemade Gravy!

Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery

Poutine with Steak

What comes next is SO big that Joe has no idea how to even eat it! It’s The BIG Matt Burger! Certified Angus Beef topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, melted cheddar cheese and loaded with bacon!

Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery

The BIG Matt Burger

2 Orders of Fries, a MASSIVE burger, what could be next? How about a HALF order of the HUGE ground beef taco! Topped with three cheese blend, diced tomato, red peppers, onions then stuffed into a large baked tortilla shell and seasoned with salt and pepper. Don’t forget the sour cream and salsa!

Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery

Ground Beef Taco

Last but NOT least is what Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery is known for! The best Steak Sub in ALL of Welland! These guys must have known Joe was getting full because they brought him out the TINY edition of this HUGO sub! The full order of the Steak Sub is over 2 feet long! It is packed with strips of marinated steak topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms, red peppers, smothered in melted mozzarella cheese and The Boyz Homemade Gravy!

Mommaz Boyz Pub and Eatery

Steak Sub


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