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Marshville Heritage Festival 2017

Joe heads to the 2017 Marshville Heritage Festival for this week’s Must See Monday! Follow along as he enjoys the classic car show, cuts a log by hand, learns what to do with lemons and of course EATS some food!

Marshville Heritage Festival – A Brief History

In the 1980’s, a group of Wainfleet gentlemen all shared the same vision and worked diligently to make it come true. Thus in 1988, the first Marshville Heritage Festival was born. “The lifestyle of a Wainfleet farm family in the 1890’s” was the theme of that first festival & still remains to today.  Historic buildings from all over Wainfleet Township have been relocated to the town centre to make up the pioneer like village.

Marshville Heritage Festival
Making Fresh Squeezed Lemonade At The Marshville Heritage Festival

Run exclusively by volunteers, dressed in 1890 period clothing, the Marshville Herritage Festival is an authentic trip through time.  But that’s not all.  While making your way through the old church, general store, working mill and school house, you can grab a bite to eat or check out the craft and food vendors.  Join the 150,000 other visitors every Labour Day weekend for this fun family festival in Wainfleet. Want to check out all the happenings at the Marshville Heritage Festival?  Visit here for times, admission rates and attractions.

What’s Joe Up To?

First stop, vintage car show.  Joe checks out old cars on display.  Then Joe finds a client of his taking in the fun and convinces her to saw a log with old fashioned tools of the trade.  A quick branding of the wood piece and he’s off for a bite to eat.  Maybe more than just one bite.  A bag of kettle corn made like it was in the 1890’s and its off for a piece of pumpkin pie for Country Boy’s.  Because it’s just loaded with fresh whipped cream and he needs to wash it down, Joe heads to squeeze some lemons and make his own lemonade.  Who can pass up mini donuts? Definitely not Joe for sure.

Now, somewhat full, Joe takes a walk through time and enjoys the rest of the Heritage Festival.  It is truly a glorious Wainfleet tradition.  And no one is a prouder ‘Fleeter than Joe.

What A Great Way To Spend Labour Day Weekend

“How strange it is to view a town you grew up in, not in wonderment through the eyes of youth, but with the eyes of a historian on the way things were.”  This quote by Marvin Allan Williams sums up the Marshville Heritage Festival perfectly.  Come down and visit Joe this Labour Day weekend for a fantastic tour of the festival.

How To Get To The Marshville Heritage Festival

Are you interested in having your event or business featured on an episode of Must See Monday?  Contact Joe here and he will show you why he’s “The Right Choice” to promote your event or business.

What’s Up Next Week On Must See Monday

Next weeks Must See Monday has Joe heading to Niagara Falls to try some incredible wood stove pizza at Il Sorriso Cafe & Pizzeria. If you’re a fan of pizza then this is a MUST HAVE, don’t forget to tell em Joe sent you!

How To Get To The Marshville Heritage Festival

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