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Fiduciary Fridays

Selling House Tips

Fiduciary Fridays Selling House Tips

Fiduciary Fridays Selling House Tips

Fiduciary Fridays Selling House Tips explain the right way to hit the market when listing your home for sale. I have been helping my clients get the most money for their homes for years. I’ve seen many of the pitfalls of listing homes.

Fiduciary Fridays Selling House Tips Pricing Strategy

I can not say this enough, pricing strategy is the most important factor in ensuring you get the most value out of your home. In the video I explain how coming out of the gate with the correct price, is the only way to make sure realtors and buyers are excited to see your home. This is exactly what we want.

When a realtor sees a home priced correctly they know that other realtors are noticing the same thing. They will urgently call their buyers and alert them to the new listing, and in turn call me and start too book showings of your home!

When this happens we put ourselves in a GREAT spot to make sure you are getting the most for your home, and in many cases get multiple offers ending up in a “bidding war”!

Fiduciary Fridays Selling House TipsI also remind you in this week’s Fiduciary Fridays selling house tips video that when we price your home attractively that does not mean you have to sell your home for the listed price when presented with a list price offer. Unlike retail stores the price tag of your home is just an opening to negotiations.

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