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Fiduciary Fridays Maximize Selling Home Value

Fiduciary Fridays Maximize Selling Home Value

If you are thinking of listing your house maximize selling home value has to be at the top of your to do list! In this week’s Fiduciary Fridays Joe Gonzalez, Wainfleet Realtor breaks down the top 3 things which can maximize selling home value. Before you even consider listing your home, know that doing these things will ensure you are maximize selling home value.

Maximize Selling Home Value Tip 1: Clean Your House!

Before you even begin cleaning your house, it’s time to think about serious decluttering. When you are listing your home, buyers will be coming through and now is the time to showcase how much space you have. By removing clutter, we are able to show buyers your home for what it is, not whats in it. You can never over do this step, so plan ahead and make it happening.

Now that you have a decluttered home, it’s time to start your deep clean. If you already know you hate cleaning it might be time to bring in the professionals to give you a hand. If you can afford this method its well worth it. They will come in and deep clean like the pro’s they are!  If you want to do it yourself, great just remember that we are talking about cleaning like you never have before.

Get ready to scrub the floors, walls, ceilings and everything in-between. Make sure you attack your kitchen and bathrooms like a member of CSI so that nothing is left behind. Buyers notice these things when they are looking at your home and we want them to leave thinking, I want to own this home!

When you allow buyers to view your home and it’s dirty, they start to question what else is wrong with your home. The last thing we want when buyers are coming into your home is for them not to feel welcome.

Maximize Selling Home Value Tip 2: Pets!

When you are listing your home, understand that pets do leave an odor. You may not even notice it. But buyers looking at your home can! If you can, find a safe place (friends, family) to watch over your pets during the time of listing. This sacrifice is well worth it. At the end of the day, many buyers comment on pets being in the home or the odors they leave. We want them to only be focused on your home, nothing else!

Maximize Selling Home Value Tip 3: Kids!

After you have a clean house and have a plan for your pets the next biggest thing is picking up after your kids! One of the biggest chores of sellers after cleaning their home is following behind their kids cleaning up after them. This can be difficult but is required to ensure all potential buyers coming to your home have the same experience as right after your deep clean.

A good way to avoid massive messes is to limit the toys your kids have around during this time. If you reduce the amount of toys they have to play with during the time of listing, it will save you plenty of time picking up after them. This is a whole family team approach that will maximize selling home value.

Maximize Selling Home Value Bonus Tip: Lights!

When you have buyers coming to see your home, before you leave make sure you turn on ALL lights in your house! This small detail can make the viewing much more enjoyable for the buyers, many times I have been on showings and have had a great tour go sideways because we can’t find the lights in one particular room. Keep on all the lights, and ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

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