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Bremfield’s Port Colborne

Today we find Joe at a place he has never been before. He is joined by his former high school teacher Sue Ashwood and a special guest. Who could it be? Watch and find out!

Bremfield’s Port Colborne – A Little Hidden Gem

This small but quaint little restaurant, located on Main Street in Port Colborne can be easily missed. We have driven past it so many times and never noticed it. But when Sue Ashwood, teacher at Lakeshore Catholic High School, contacted me and requested to become part of The Must See Monday family, Joe just knew she had stumbled onto something special. Bremfield’s may be simple menu wise, but don’t let that fool you and it is absolutely worth a second look.

Beautiful Bremfield’s Port Colborne

Bremfield’s Port Colborne has one featured menu item daily, and when it’s gone, its gone. The one menu item is so meticulously prepared, it is absolutely spectacular. Click here to see what the weekly menu items are. Along with the one menu item, Bremfield’s also has desserts, pastries, pies, cookies and cakes for sale as well as a variety of specialty coffees and teas. Let me tell you, walking in here, Joe wasn’t expecting what he saw.

This quaint little restaurant is bright and beautiful. Filled with antiques and repurposed items, the decor is just so inviting. Bremfield’s is the perfect place to hold a wedding or baby shower. It’s almost magazine cover perfect. Simply saying, Bremfield’s is a hidden gem in Port Colborne. Thanks Sue Ashwood for your excellent suggestion. No doubt, Joe will be back.

Sue And Who…?

As mentioned above, Mrs. Ashwood was not alone. She had a surprise guest joining us. None other than Lakeshore Catholic Principal Mr. Glenn Gifford! On the menu today was a cabbage roll soup and Mac and Cheese with salad. Mrs. Ashwood chooses a lighter lunch, having a freshly baked pumpkin scone and a delicious looking latte.Bremfield's Port Colborne

The soup was fantastic, but the Mac and Cheese was phenomenal. It seems like it’s hard to believe that Mac and Cheese can be taken to the level that Bremfield’s Port Colborne  takes it. Off to the side is a display case that Joe has been eyeballing ever since he walked in. Filled to the brim with cookies, tarts, squares, pies, scones, muffins and cakes. Joe chooses a freshly baked, still warm butter tart. With a flaky pastry crust and gooey pecan filling, it’s worth the trip to Bremfield’s Port Colborne just for the butter tarts.

In conclusion, a big thank you to Mrs. Ashwood and special guest Mr. Gifford for joining Joe today and the wonderful suggestion of the wonderful find that is Bremfield’s Port Colborne.

Bremfield’s Port Colborne Location

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